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Violence is, on the one hand, acts of aggression and abuse that cause' or intend to cause injury to person(s) (and by some definitions animals or property). Central to this concept of violence is the presence of the definite intention to cause significant (usually physical) injury, damage and harm. Another, very different meaning of violence is when the word is used to denote the use of (legal) political force, such as executed by a policy force or military force. (It does not mean that all police or military force is legal - it just indicates that we are talking about the public domain). Definitions of violence such as used by Max Weber, Hannah Arendt et al must be understood in the light of this public domain.

In the first significance, violence is often a crime. Damage to property is typically considered minor relative to violence against persons, and harm to animals may be considered acts of violence, depending on the situation and social values related to animal cruelty. The term "violence" also connotes an aggressive tendency to act out destructive behaviours. Violence can also be divided into two forms — random violence, which includes unpremeditated or small-scale violence, and coordinated violence, which includes actions carried out by sanctioned or unsanctioned violent groups —such as war (ie. inter-societal violence), in some cases certain types of revolution, or terrorism.

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